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  • Have you thought about how not to bankrupt your spouse if the other one is institutionalized?
  • Are you aware of the costs of long-term health care?
  • Have you thought about a succession plan that limits your tax risk?
  • Do you know the difference between a revocable and an irrevocable trust?
  • Have you reviewed your health care proxy, if you have one, and your HIPAA release forms?
  • Are you house “rich” but cash “poor?”

More than 40% of people over age 65 will spend some time in a nursing home. In their angst about funding long-term care or depleting their children’s inheritance, many senior citizens, acting on bad advice, actually make things worse.

The elder law attorneys of Cushing & Dolan, P.C., provide sound strategies and comprehensive planning for seniors to plan for nursing home care, preserve family wealth, prevent the bankruptcy of one spouse when the other is institutionalized, and anticipate other legal and financial concerns associated with aging.

We work closely with elderly clients or family members overseeing their interests to cover all the bases. Arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced, compassionate and tax-savvy lawyers. We serve clients across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island with multiple offices in the Greater Boston area, and beyond.

The term “long-term care planning” is a broad description of techniques to protect the family’s assets in the event either spouse should be admitted to a nursing home. This technique could involve using irrevocable Medicaid trusts and waiting out a so-called five-year look-back period, suggesting long-term care insurance, or using the community spouse resource allowance and an annuity for so-called excess resources.

No one technique fits every situation and, in order for a lawyer to properly advise you, all family factors must be considered. Before proceeding with any long-term care plan, please be sure the plan is presented to you in writing and you sign off on the plan before it is implemented.

Our attorneys have the legal and financial experience to help you develop a long-term care plan that fits the needs of individuals and families. Your plan should fit your needs and circumstances.

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